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View all our Award Winning Products

14 wonderful DVD's for signing American  Sign Langauge, ASL, with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary children.


Excellence in books!  2011 Mom's Choice Award Winning book:

Sign to Speak - Babies Can Talk

This 2011 Mothers Choice Award winning book is co-written by Dr. Marilyn Daniels, America’s premier researcher, lecturer, instructor, and author on signing, using ASL, with all hearing children for communication and to support early learning.  Babies Can Talk is the most comprehensive book featuring instruction, research, insights, tips, songs, activities, and signs all designed specifically for use with babies - children from birth to 18 months old.  Babies Can Talk provides parents and early childhood professionals with a proven way to successfully sign with ALL babies.  The book includes FREE ONLINE support.


Sign to Speak: Toddlers at Play

This book provides parents, teachers, early childhood professionals, and caregivers with the most complete program for including American Sign Language into the lives of toddlers - chidlren from 18 months to 3 years of age.  This comprehensive book features easy-to-follow instruction, research, insights, tips, songs, games, stories, and activities that have proven to be age appropriate for use with toddlers.  No signing experience is needed as Toddlers at Play provides you with everything you will need to know including FREE ONLINE support.   Dr. Marilyn Daniels and her co-authors Ken and Georgia Frawley and their over 60 years of of combined experience, use, and instruction  guarantee your success!