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Benefits Of ESignature To Educational Institutions

Every business is on the lookout for digital transformation. Going digital is the key to better functionality and operations. Educational institutions are no mere exceptions and they need to adapt digital methods to streamline management in an uncertain environment. In fact, some educational institutions are already championing digital transformations.

Going paperless is one of the prime steps towards achieving optimum digital transformation. It reduces costs, helping in staying steady and competitive. Knowingly, educational institutions, be it college or schools, handles an abundant amount of paperwork on daily basis. Reducing this by adopting digital workflows can save significant resources in terms of manpower, time, and money.

Why go paperless and use eSignatures?

  • Save Time
  • Studies shows, in educational institutions, paperwork takes a huge time, draining the energy of the staff. Organizing, filing, and chasing after signatures for multiple purposes, such as timesheets, course enrolments, leave applications, progress reports, and admission application forms consume a significant amount of time.

    Initiating paperless workflow by digitizing all these activities can save time and enable teachers to focus energizingly on teaching. The saved time from eSignature can also be used in mission-critical tasks, including researching and learning new techniques.

  • Reduce Costs and Streamline Budgets
  • As per our research, schools in the US alone uses an average of 32 billion sheets of paper per year. If we take a standard charge of 5 cents per sheet, it translates into $1.6 billion! Hence, to cut such drastic costs, going paperless and adopting digital signature for documentation can act as a live saver.

    Digital transformation will help in cutting down printing and courier costs, saving significant money. It leads to reallocate budgets in an efficient and better manner. Investing the saved money in staff welfare and boosted salaries will increase teacher’s morale and productivity, thereby increasing the overall performance rate.

  • Leads to Sustainable Operations
  • Keeping the climate change concern in mind, it is best to reduce paper consumption wherever possible. Reducing the physical paperwork in just educational institutions might seem a smaller step but as understandable from the above $1.6million figure, it is much crucial. The shift towards digital documentation will lead to fewer chopped down trees and less fuel for transportation i.e. distribution and disposal of waste paper.

    Going paperless and adopting eSignature in the workflow will help in achieving a sustainable environment. This will also set an impactful example for students to adopt sustainable practices in their day-to-day life.

  • Utmost Information Security
  • The security level of cloud-based documents is well-known! Also, it is easier to store files in a cloud instead of physical cabinets. The history of digital documents, including alteration and interaction with the document, can easily be accessible. Moreover, digital documents are easy to share from anywhere, anytime.

    Another advantage of digital documentation is that there is no scope for misplacement or malicious destruction.

  • Improves Organization
  • Management of physical documents can be very tedious and complicated. On the other hand, digital/eSigned documents can easily be configured, saving time and energy of teachers and administrative support. This saved time can be used in performing key activities. It will help in improving the entire organizational structure of the educational institutions.

    With the improved organizational structure, teachers and students can collaborate without disruptions. Additionally, with the digital processes, administrative staff can gain better visibility on activities, such as billing and invoices. All of this will lead to a better and productive organization.

How to ensure effective adoption of eSignatures

A strategic approach needs to be formed to ensure error-free digital transformation. It requires proper planning and implementation to achieve desired results.

  • Find the right software:
  • Before going paperless, it is a must to find the right electronic signature software for your institution. You need to do proper research based on what are your expectations from the software. The right software provides you long-term success. WESIGN DOC is one of the best eSignature software that has a scope of customization all your brand requirements can be met. It is easy to set up and integrated with handy workspaces so you can obtain digital signature in seconds.

  • Aware your staff
  • Change is a rule of nature and the adoption of beneficial changes renders a competitive edge. However, some institutions might face reluctance from existing staff. To avoid any kind of negative protest, you first need to onboard your employees by explaining to them the advantages of implementing digital processes. Explain the potential benefits and make them understand how the adoption of eSignature can make their lives easier. Also, keep in mind not to avoid any of their concerns. It is your duty to carefully listen to your staff’s concerns and address them properly. Once you decide to proceed with digital transformation, train your employees so they will feel empowered while adopting the new change. WESIGN DOC makes the onboarding of employees by providing them constant assistance during the process.

  • Organize the workflow
  • Once you proceed with implementing the digital documentation, map out the workflow and clear every department’s roles and accountability. Organize the documents and workflow so entering and sharing eSigned files would be easier.

  • Include the relevant stakeholders
  • Let the vendors and parents know that you have gone digital and explain to them how the processes are going to be like. Address their concerns regarding the legality and security of digital document handling.

  • Supervise and Improve
  • Once you implement everything properly do not forget to monitor the performance. Take strategic actions wherever required to smooth the processes for teachers, students, parents, and vendors.

  • Adopt eSignatures
  • Going digital might be confusing in beginning but once you take a step towards it, everything will become clearer and easier. The right software provider, such as WESIGN DOC will help you reap the benefits of eSignature adoption.

    WESIGN DOC is trusted and secure eSignature software that helps you to easily set up everything. It will also provide you a free trial so you can test it by yourself and experience the ultimate benefits to your educational institution.


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