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Why is electronic signature essential?

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Since early scratchings on cave walls, signature has come a long way. With the evolution of history and technology, types of signature have also evolved.

The major signature type, that is becoming widely popular is the electronic signature. It possesses countless benefits over traditional wet signature. Some of the important benefits of eSignature are:

Faster to sign

Environmentally friendly

Cheap - incur fewer costs


Electronic Signature are becoming a crucial part of everyday life and business. Thanks to global commerce, security concerns, and environmental awareness, the market for esignature is rapidly growing.

The world produces over 400 million tons of paper annually. You can reduce this production by adopting electronic documents that can be signed electronically instead of using physical papers for documents and signing. Moreover, the adoption of eSignature will help your staff in terms of time, costs, and efforts. Ultimately, it will lead to customer satisfaction as “Happy Staff means Happy Consumer”

Adapting to new technology can be challenging but if adopted properly, it will bring many rewards and the opportunity. Introducing eSignature in your workflow will make your operations faster and cheaper, leading to optimum utilization of resources.


Use Of Electronic Signature

You can use an electronic signature anytime you require a signature without worrying about legality because eSignature is legal (if comply with related laws).

There are times when you need security, simplicity, convenience, and lower cost while obtaining signature and that can be fulfilled by using an electronic signature.

Here is a list of some common situations when you using eSignature can benefit you:

In need of an intuitive and simple solution:

Streamline your HR services with electronic signature and instantly get signature from employees on urgent documents. Getting eSignature on time-sensitive documents, such as tax forms, timesheets, and onboarding forms for new hires will boost the process and save time.

In need of high-level security:

When you deal with highly personal information, you require 100 percent security. For instance, documents of confidentiality, retention, fee, or power of attorney require top-level security. In these kinds of documents, an e-signature offers strong insurance via an auditable trial.

In need of convenience and speed:

Legal services documents like class action communications are conducted among hundreds and thousands of people. In these cases, the use of electronic signature could save you hours and days. Moreover, eSignature can be used in retail to make sales by eSigning purchase orders and invoices. It will surely save time and optimize the processes.

In need of cost-effective approaches:

The finance team stays on a constant lookout to cut costs wherever possible. Well, eSignature is an effective way of eliminating shipping fees as it helps in the opening, maintaining, or closing accounts at lower costs. Also, insurance companies can cut the costs of claim documents or policy agreements by asking customers to sign online. Now that you are convinced that using electronic signature can save your organization’s resources, it is high time that you start adopting them in your operations. However, selecting the right electronic signature software provider can be a bit tedious as you need to find what matches your business needs best. To make this selection process easier for you, we will be jotting down some pointers that are essential to consider while finalizing the right eSignature provider for you. It will make the selection process easier and simpler for you.

How To Select The Right Electronic Signature Software Provider?

Here are some factors that you need to consider while selecting the best e-signature provider for your business:


Some electronic signature service providers offer exclusive services to your business and hence, can be expensive. On the other hand, there are many businesses that offer services on lower budgets as they are specifically designed to cater to small and medium businesses needs. Also, mostly electronic signature service providers offer free introductory trials so consumers can test the services worth by themselves. Hence, before finalizing any big or small range service provider, subscribe to the free trial to check whether it is meeting your needs or not and whether the services subscribed worth the money or not.


Before finalizing any eSignature service provider, check their technical specifications. What they use for identification and authentication. Also, check whether they use digital signature or not because not every company will use digital signature. Another thing to check is customer service availability. Who will be available to fix your problem if occurs?


Find out about the experience of the shortlisted service providers. Have they worked with companies of your size in your industry? If yes, then it would be a safe bet. If not, ask them about how well they work to cater to your needs properly. Also, read reviews from their customers and then make a decision.


Check for the integrations – how the e-signature service will work with your software? Integrations play a major role as it significantly impacts your ability to streamline the workflow. In all, finalize the electronic service provider, who offers the features your organization needs. Look for customization, scalability, regulatory compliance to meet the laws, workflow visualizations, and dashboards for you to track the activities. The right service provider would be the one who sends notifications and reminders when the signer completes a signature. There are many eSignature providers available, and one of them who will surely satisfy your needs is logo-icon WESIGN DOC. It serves every industry of any size and customizes processes to meet your needs. It also offers different pricing plans for different services so you get the optimum amount of services in your desired cost range. logo-icon1 WESIGN DOC has been trusted by businesses over the businesses and thrives to be the best by rendering world-class electronic signature services. If you are on the lookout for the right electronic service provider for your business, then logo-icon2 WESIGN DOC is the way to go. You can visit their website for more info and get in touch with a support representative to clear your query in real-time.


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