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Is A Wet Signature Or E-Signature Solution Right For Your Business?

Wet signatures have long been the established method of signing key documents, agreements, and more. But they’re far from the most efficient way to get things done. Electronic signature is often faster, more secure, and offer greater flexibility. But which one is right for your business? In this blog, We’ve take a detailed look at the key differences, so you can decide which method works for you.

What is a Wet Signature?

A wet signature is your traditional pen-and-ink method of signing. It’s a unique, handwritten mark of approval on a hard copy of a document, form, or contract. For years, wet signatures have represented a binding contract between two parties.

The Drawbacks of Wet Signatures

When it comes to wet signatures, there are a few major drawbacks to be aware of.

  1. Slow Turnaround Time:
  2. Firstly, turnaround times can be incredibly slow. Once you’ve printed off your document and sent it out for signature, you’ll likely be left twiddling your thumbs while you wait for it to get back to you

  3. Security Risks:
  4. Another big problem with wet signatures is security.As it can be easily tampered.

  5. Costs:
  6. If you get through a large volume of contracts, agreements, forms, or any other type of document—then things can get expensive fast.

When should you use a Wet Signature?

While eSignature can replace wet signatures in the vast majority of cases, there are a select few instances where a wet signature is necessary to make a document legally binding.

What is an Electronic Signature?

If you’ve experienced any of the issues mentioned above, you should consider adopting an electronic signature solution. Electronic signatures, or eSignature, let people sign documents online, instead of having to print and sign documents manually with a pen and paper.

The Advantages of e-Signatures

Here are just a few of the benefits of using eSignatures in your workflows.

  1. Efficiency and Speed:
  2. One key benefit that sets electronic signatures apart from wet signatures, is speed.

  3. Secure and Tamper-Proof:
  4. Many digital signature solutions come equipped with a time-stamped, non-editable audit trail that captures information like document history, signer details, and more.

  5. Flexibility:
  6. Physically signing contracts was always inefficient. But now, with the rise of remote work spreading people out across the world, it’s become even trickier.


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