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Signing order in Wesign

Setting the signing order in an e-signature process is crucial when multiple parties need to sign a document electronically, especially if the order of signatures is important for legal or procedural reasons.

Here's how you can typically set the signing order in Wesign,

  1. Upload the Document:
  2. Create or upload the documents you want to send for signatures. Ensure that they are properly formatted and include all necessary fields for signatures, initials, and other relevant information.

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  3. Add Signers:
  4. Specify the recipients who need to sign the document. You'll typically need to provide their names and email addresses.

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  5. Define the Signing Order:
  6. Here you can specify the order in which the signers should receive the document. Once the signing order is set, you can send the document for signature. The platform will typically send an email notification to the first recipient in the specified order.

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  7. Sequential Signing:
  8. The first recipient will receive an email with a link to the document, and they can electronically sign it. After the first signer completes their signature, the document is then forwarded to the next recipient in the order. This process continues until all signers have completed their signatures.

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  9. Notifications and Reminders:
  10. The e-signature platform may send notifications and reminders to signers to ensure that they complete their signatures in the specified order.

Signing order ensures that the document follows a specific workflow or approval process, which can be essential in situations where the order of signatures is legally significant or when certain conditions need to be met before the document proceeds to the next signer.


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