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Top Signature Apps For 2023

Electronic signatures have made their way into day-to-day lives, improving the way businesses and organizations work. An excellent electronic signature software provider ensures to render optimum web and mobile experience with customized features matching your brand.

In this article, we will be discussing the top electronic signature apps of 2023, so you can make the right decision for your business.

What is Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is different from a digital signature refers to a virtual signature equivalent to the traditional ink signature. An electronic signature can be used for any type of document, be it contracts, agreements, invoices, or NDAs. Most electronic signature service providers make it easier for everyone to e-sign any PDF, word document, and spreadsheet.

In fact, an electronic signature can be used to sign legal documents. In most of the country, electronic signatures possess the same legal recognition as handwritten signatures.

Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures

In the work from home or digital era, online documents are a key to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. It will help in saving time and easily obtaining signatures from clients.

Here are some of the benefits that can be availed of by using electronic signatures in your company:

  1. Decrease document turnaround time from months to hours.

  2. Scrap the requirement of scanning, printing, and overnighting the physical documents.

  3. E-sign documents from any geographical area, at anytime.

  4. Obtain signatures from concerned parties in real-time.

  5. Participate in the go-green motto by promoting digitization of processes, thereby reducing paper consumption.

  6. Enjoy partner integration to quickly e-sign documents.

How to Choose the Right Electronic Signature App

Scrutinizing through multiple electronic signature apps can be tedious. One needs to consider many factors before finalizing the best and most suitable electronic signature service provider. Some of the key factors are:

  • Intuitiveness:
  • Irrespective of what platform you use – website or mobile app for electronic signature service, it should provide a seamless user experience. Before switching to any electronic signature platform, you need to check whether it will provide a natural user experience on regular basis or not.

  • Security:
  • Every business, be it small, medium, or large, concern about data security. To make sure your selected electronic signature app protects your data at all costs, you need to check whether the app complies with data security regulations like GDPR or not. If yes, then you are free to select it as it will keep all your information protected.

  • Free Trial:
  • Sometimes, users would not commit to a paid plan until they experience the app features by themselves. As businesses need to understand how the electronic signature app will satisfy their requirements, a trial is a must. Hence, before reaching any conclusion, reach out to the service provider or avail of the free trial, if any to ensure it is the best for your business.

The Best Electronic Signature Apps of 2023

  2. WeSign is the most trusted and secure electronic signature platform that helps you digitally expand your business. It obtains signatures from the concerned parties on the legally binding contracts and documents, all from one place. It is integrated with Google Documents to provide you with a seamless workflow. You can access either of its free or paid plan to meet your business requirements.

  3. DocuSign
  4. It is best for enterprises. Unanimously, it is the most recognized name in the electronic signature industry. Docusign fulfills the e-signing need of large businesses, which deals in complex document signing. It offers a smooth user interface with a website and app for iOS and Android. It is also integrated with Microsoft, G Suite, and Zoho to render a great experience, all in one place. Moreover, Docusign strongly emphasizes data security so businesses can stay worry-free about data breaches.

    Its quick view feature facilitates users with snapshots of documents and it can be filtered by – documents that require actions, about to expire due to no signature yet, still pending, and already been completed. Moreover, DocuSign “Reports” feature benefits users who frequently send documents off for signature, mentioning how quickly recipients signed, how many documents were sent, and more.

  5. SignEasy
  6. It is the first mobile electronic signature solution that caters to the needs of small and medium businesses. SignEasy app is available for both iOS and Android and offers a powerful electronic signature solution. It offers an unbeatable intuitive user experience, including innumerable features such as document templates for frequently signed files.

    SignEasy allows users to e-sign documents within the same ecosystem because it is integrated with top document workflow staples, including Zapier, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace. It also focuses on strong data security by offering an audit trail for every signed document. SignEasy also offers flawless customer support, 24/7 to resolve every query in real-time.

  7. HelloSign
  8. HelloSign is suitable for heavy cloud storage users. It is available to both iOS and Android users. It was acquired by Dropbox and hence its cloud compatibility goes beyond expectations. It integrates with other platforms as well to provide you the optimum user experience. However, signing a document from within Dropbox is in itself an easy task as you just need to find the file you want to sign, then click on choose. Immediately after, the e-signing interface will pop up and you will be able to easily sign from there. Moreover, when the client sends you back the signed document, it will automatically file itself away in the cloud.

Start With the Most Suitable Electronic Signature App

Similar to every software, there is no definite answer of which eSignature software providers will suit most to your business. But if you are a small or medium business that is in dire need to reduce paperwork, turnaround time, and hassles, the WESIGN DOC is worth a try. It is a trustable and secure platform that offers a free trial period to get you started immediately without any paid commitments.


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